My little zoo

I will post pictures of my pets in here, so there will be pictures of;
-Miniature Poodle (Roope)
-Leucistic texas ratsnake
-Underwoodisaurus milii

Mealworms sure seem to be yummy according to Yuno.

My lovely derpy poodle.♥

Roope, miniature poodle

If you think Roope isn’t awesome you are wrong. Best poodle ever.♥

Another stick, what a wonderful day for a stick-loving-poodle.

Roope found a treasure! A stick!

I love my Roope♥

Louis has started eating again, he stopped eating for a month but now he eats again, fuck yes!

Stark is so photogenic. :—D

Joffrey is starting to look like a snake instead of a worm. :D

Mr.Hiddles is a cutie.♥

Hiddles might not be the coolest of my geckos but he sure is the dearest since he was the first one that I got. ;3;♥

Stark (Super snow)

Stark joins the crew, after loosing Wheatley I missed having eclipse-eyed gecko, even though I have Taiga, it just isn’t the same.. So yeah, super snow joins the crew, he needs to gain some weight. 

Taiga (Tremper blazing blizzard)