My little zoo

I will post pictures of my pets in here, so there will be pictures of;
-Miniature Poodle (Roope)
-Leucistic texas ratsnake
-Underwoodisaurus milii

Mr.Hiddles did NOT appreciate me helping him out with a piece of skin stuck on his head… 

Underwoodisaurus milii

Louis checking out his new home, he moved into a bigger tank so he has lots of space. :—)

Nano, the little enigma was put down today. Her enigmasyndrome got worse and worse and she was no longer able to shed her own skin, drink or eat on her own, even handfeeding her became very difficult as she had no idea how to aim, she constantly fell upside down and hit her head on anything, she didn’t know how to walk straight and she kept falling down.. It was really sad but I think I did the best thing for her, it was not okay to keep her alive in her condition. She was sold to me as ‘healthy’ but as soon as I got her home, she started circling. Even in stress-free home she just kept getting worse. She is in a better place now, if there is a reptileheaven..

Mr.Hiddles is handsome from any angle.

Mealworms sure seem to be yummy according to Yuno.

My lovely derpy poodle.♥

Roope, miniature poodle

If you think Roope isn’t awesome you are wrong. Best poodle ever.♥

Another stick, what a wonderful day for a stick-loving-poodle.

Roope found a treasure! A stick!

I love my Roope♥

Louis has started eating again, he stopped eating for a month but now he eats again, fuck yes!

Stark is so photogenic. :—D

Joffrey is starting to look like a snake instead of a worm. :D